Welcome! We are excited that you are thinking about joining us at Life Has No Boundaries. Our Life-Skills Day Service Program takes place at the Federated Church of West Lafayette. The street address is 2400 Sycamore Ln, West Lafayette, IN 47906.

There are some group expectations that each person must meet when considering Life Has No Boundaries. Being a part of a group means that staff resources must be shared, participants must make safe choices, and we must make decisions based upon what’s best for the majority.

Please consider the following information before setting up your intake appointment so that we can ensure we’re the right fit for you!

    1.You’ve always got to be ready to stay with your group or take breaks safely and independently.

    • Life Has No Boundaries recognizes that sometimes you may need a quiet break away from the group. We will do our best to ensure that will happen but there may be times when the participant is asked to stay with the group until staff is available.
    • Since Life Has No Boundaries relies heavily on the community it is important that you always stay with your group. If you leave your group often and wander than Life Has No Boundaries may not be the best fit for you.

    2. It is important to show up when you say you will.

    • Attendance is an obligation. Please treat Life Has No Boundaries like a job. This means that you show up to participate on time as committed too. A miss excuse would be if you are suddenly sick or a sudden doctor’s appointment. Everyone in the program relies on your participation. Please keep in mind we expect an 85% attendance rate because without your participation the program will not be able to run.

    3. Life Has No Boundaries cannot have you engage in physical aggression, verbal aggression, property destruction or any decision that could hurt someone else.

    • Everyone that participates at Life Has No Boundaries has the right to be safe. If you engage in aggressiveness towards others and threaten their safety and security, you will most likely be suspended from the program.

    4. We will do our best to support adherence to certain BSPs (Behavior Support Plan).

    • Supporting our participants using the least restrictive measures is an agency standard. This means that we may not be able to guarantee certain restrictive measures outlined in the BSP (behavior support plan) but we will do all that we can to keep you safe.
    • Our staff is not trained on physical restraints; therefore, we will err on the side of caution if emergency intervention is requested by the individual.

If you think that any of these expectations maybe hard for your dependent to follow, then please share that information during the intake meeting.

Thank you!